Virtuemart changing

Dear members,

I am looking for someone willing to work with me against payment.
In Belgium i have a sandwish shop and setting up an online order system with joomla and virtuemart.

Now i would like two changements to virtuemart.

  1. I have many attributes with my products ±6
    example:sandwish turkey
    options:lettuce and so on
    The problem is that as default values i have set “none” so that if the customer doesnt want to remove or ad something it doesnt show.

Now the problem is that when you add it to cart is add all the attributes as “none” and its messy if someone order 10 sandwishes.
Would it be possible to hide the attributes if “none” is selected?

  1. I would like to insert in the mail of the order that is send to the admin 3 sms/texting buttons
    example: at footer of mail -send text messsage “order accepted”
    -send text message “order is ready”
    the last button would come next to every title product that is ordered that i can send “PRODUCT_TITLE is not in stock”

I would like to thank everyone who reads this post and am looking forward to work with someone.

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