Very large post fails when submitting

I have a problem with a php page that has a very large post. It’s purpose is to do a select query of records from a PostgreSQL database. The page successfully loads in the browser but when users try to Post or submit, the page fails often with a white screen or if they’re lucky it will take 10 minutes to process. But it usually results in a white screen. It’s a very big post. In the rare event that it actually posts successfully the file has 25 MB worth of data. We tried setting the post_max_size in the php.ini file as high as 80 M but with no luck. The max_execution_size is 30 and the memory_limit is 8 M if that means anything.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

If the max_exectution_time is set to 30, it should take PHP 30 seconds before it throws a timeout. I’m not sure what the memory_limit of 8M will do impact-wise, but why are you trying to have users post 25MB worth of data? Are you supplying an uploading tool for large files? Won’t an FTP service be more efficient for that?

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