Verifying email address is active

So I have many email lists I have acquired over time, and am trying to find a way to only email the active addresses. My goal is that when a user opens the email my server is notified, and their email address is added to the [Active] list.

I’m not asking for any code…I’m trying to learn, but I’m really looking for a shove in the right direction. I truly have no idea how to go about this.

The best thing would be to just have a link and tell them if they want to still receive e-mails that they must click it.

One thing you can also do is set up a mail box for the e-mail you are sending the e-mails from and check that for any that bounced. That will get rid of a few.

You could add an image that is served by a PHP script. You would add a unique ID to the query string of the image and then when they open it you know that it’s active. Most e-mail clients block images by default though to stop this among other things.

You can also add a read request (I think it’s called) but again most clients are set to not send it.

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