Varible from Html to PHP



Simple question, Im trying to send a fixed value to php script.

Here is the thing, I’m generating a HTML page from SQL, and are sending a unique value “UniqueID” in the HTML page.
I simpley want to send the value to php who then puts it in a another database. (MariaDB/mySQL)

HTML Code Example

//Name box, however i don’t need the UniqueID to be showed, but are trying differnt types
Your name:

Uniquenumber1: /br>
Uniquenumber2: /br>

  <input type="submit" value="Submit" name="submit">


PHP Scipt below
if(isset($_POST[‘submit’])) {
$type = $_POST[‘type’];
$type1 = $_POST[‘type1’];
$type2 = $_POST[‘type2’];

  echo "  'Your name: " . $_POST["name"];
  echo "  Uniquenumber: " . $_POST["type"];
  echo "  Uniquenumber1: " . $_POST["type1"];
  echo "  Uniquenumber2: " . $_POST["type2"];


What is wrong?

Whats the easyist way to send a varible (text) from a HTML page to php script page?


[php]Uniquenumber2: /br>[/php]

There is no show type, and your value has quotes in it.

What isn’t working?