Variables from forms..

Hey guys I’ve only been PHP-ing for about a week and I’ve come across a really confusing problem…

When using PHP on my machine at home ( windows running apache 1.3) when I get varibiables from a form, PHP just outputs them as blank even if I unput them manually (IE via the URL), I don’t have this problem on some UNIX hosting I’ve bought even with exactly the same scripts, but with some windows hosting I’ve bought I have the same problem.

If anyone could shed any light on this it’d be really helpfull, I’m only a noob.


have you checked that the global variables are set true within the php.ini

Edit: Before you change it to true if it aint already, read why its set false in the first place and ask your server administrator to change it or you will have to do the long way around $_HTTP_VAR[‘bah’] , something like that, i use globes on.

That sounds like your problem

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