Variable should decide if method is POST or GET

telling my form if method is POST or GET, which depends on a variable

Hi all,

does anyone know a way to tell a form’s method to be GET or POST which is up to a variable. the error output should start below all textfields.
i have a hidden field ‘$_REQUEST[‘sendForm’]’ which is’s default value is ‘0’.
when you hit the submit button (image submit button), all fields will be checked. if ererything’s ok, $_REQUEST[‘sendForm’]’ is set to ‘1’ and it should decides what action to take: GET or POST …

also tried the header(‘location…php’) stuff with a function at the beginning of the script. everytime i call my function from below (after checking my fields) it tells me that the headers already sent…

here is the code:

<?PHP if($_REQUEST['sendForm'] == 1) // decide grrr..grrr { $handling = "GET"; $loc = "d_submitResponse.php"; print ""; } else { $handling = "POST"; $loc = "$_SERVER[PHP_SELF]"; } print ""; ?> <? foreach($_REQUEST as $key => $value) { $countFields = count($_REQUEST); // how many textfields if(!empty($value)) { $setFields++; } if($countFields == $setFields && $_REQUEST['PASS'] == $_REQUEST['PASS-CONFIRM']) { $formOK = 1; } if(!empty($_REQUEST['PASS']) == !empty($_REQUEST['PASS-CONFIRM']) && !empty($_REQUEST) && $formOK == 1) { $_REQUEST['sendForm'] == 1; } } ?>

I suspect that the only way to really do this is with Javascript. For PHP to do this you would actually have to SUBMIT a page so that PHP knows whether the (next) page is to be POST or GET.

You could conceivably change the GET or POST method with javascript before the actual submit.


Like this

…some php-code

if(!empty($_REQUEST[‘PASS’]) == !empty($_REQUEST[‘PASS-CONFIRM’]) && !empty($_REQUEST))
$_REQUEST[‘sendForm’] = 2;

i tried this and it also not works. $_REQUEST[‘sendForm’] stays ‘1’
.did i forget something ?


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