variable once html clicked????

Hi Folks

Here’s a teaser for anyone who might be able to help me.

I have a website with a payments page. Having set up an affiliate network system, I need to set up the follow thru for affiliates to get paid.

The manager I’m using for this is yourcom from
I’m also using for online payment services.

My method of programming is php pages with 90% html.

Here’s the problem. Yourcom expects there to be a single priced payment and in turn, a single ‘thanks.php’ page for the final stage of the transaction.

My site has about 50 different prices from which to choose. I don’t need a site with 50 different thanks pages or even, 50 renamed copies of the cgi scripts for each purchase.

The Nochex price link code for each sale is as follows:-




I need the link code, once a price has been clicked, to store as a variable, one of the following but only the one that has been clicked:-

<?php $i = "95"; ?> or <?php $i = "195"; ?> or <?php $i = "295"; ?>

and this is where I’m stuck. How to make the 50 or so links carry a php code that activates only when the price is clicked. I’m a newbi at this so all the help I can get will be very welcome.

The rest should be a breeze, even for me. Once the thanks page has been reached, I will then $gets $i and insert it to replace XX in the following line which identifies the sale to the manager:-

something like so:-

1 sales page, 1 cgi script, 1 thanks page, 1 piece of php to cover all.

Ray - The Chauffeur

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