Variable not available after submitting (GET / POST)


Hi all,

i try to submit a form via GET and/or POST based on my variable $_REQUEST[‘sendForm’] (hidden Formfield), but the variable is not available after parsing the form. Anyone ideas ? Below is the code.

Thanks in advance


if($_REQUEST[‘sendForm’] == 1)
$handling = “GET”;
$loc = “d_submitResponse.php”;
$handling = “POST”;
$loc = “$_SERVER[PHP_SELF]”;
print “”;

<? if(!empty($_REQUEST['PASS']) == !empty($_REQUEST['PASS-CONFIRM']) && !empty($_REQUEST)) { $_REQUEST['sendForm'] = 1; } ?>[/php]

Did you try using print_r() on $_REQUEST to see what values were in?

I don’t see $sendForm ever being set. Did you try using $sendForm = something anywhere?

One thing…


That looks pretty dirty to me. Take the habit of spacing things up a little bit. Plus, short tags should be avoided. They are not enabled in every configuration.

<?php echo $sendForm ?>


$sendForm will be set when all is ok (password and password-confirm).
i think i got the problem.

i poped it out of my array (accidently) :wink: