vanishing php code

If I save a .php file my text editor, then all the php code vanishes. Here is an example of what vanishes:

<?php include("header.html"); ?>

Why is my code vanishing?


What do you mean vanishing

  1. Not saving into the file
  2. Not displaying anything in the browser

The code vanishes from the php file. Poof. Vanishes.

After much head banging, I realized that the crux of the problem was that Sea Monkey’s Composer is an HTML editor, and php is not an HTML element. Doh! Sea Monkey was removing all invalid HTML code.

At present, my solution is to replace

<?php include("header.html"); ?>


Works like a charm.


That sounds like you need to get yourself a decent coding application (like notepad) instead of something that removes your code against your will, and without notifying you.

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