Values not being passed.

I have my PHP project running in NetBeans in Debug mode.

I have noticed HTML input variables don’t seem to being passed to the PHP scripts. I have also noticed values from PHP includes are not being passed to the calling PHP routines.

My PHP project is using a lot of deprecated code and I am new to PHP. Is there a setting in the php.ini that I need to set?

First, we’re not mind readers. Meaning that if you want help then show us the code that is giving you problems. Secondly if you are using a "lot’ of depreciated code the code isn’t going to fix itself and that you will have to find code that isn’t depreciated. Hint: An lastly I have no idea what you are talking about when you say netbeans won’t show errors or what have you. Netbeans is just an editor.

you can add this to your code:

Another way to do it is to edit your php.ini file and include this option:

error_reporting = E_ALL

Thanks for your response Strider. I’ll try your suggestions.

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