UTF-8. Please help.

I have some problems with my page-font!!!
I am using UTF-8 .I have three main parts in my page:

, and
But when I change a language on my page (for example on Hebrew) in all three parts of my page it makes a different fonts and size. How can I do that it will be a same one (font+size)
After changing of language???
Probably I have to change a FontFamily in m CSS file?
Please help me to decide this problem.

I personally have never had a problem with the UTF8 character set (though I am only allowing the user to input in any language rather then a specific one). I assume you are using gettext to change between languages. I would play with your CSS or check out the new IntSmarty templating system. I personally have not used it yet (still getting the hang of Smarty) but will eventually check it out. The IntSmarty seems to combine the Smarty Templating engine with gettext, but it is still VERY new. There is an article in the April edition of phparchitect for more information.

IntSmarty References:
Source Code:
http://www.coggeshall.org/show_source.p … .class.php
forum discussion:

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