Using readline to search for a value in a array

hi guys,
its my second week learning php and i am very new to it.
wrote a code to see if i can retrieve a value in an array using readline(""), but the code wont work properly. i know there is something am doing wrong but i am just wondering if someone can put me on the right track. please see below code:

    $contact = array ("sam"=>"davies","james"=>"wade");
    foreach($contact as $contacts=>$surname)
           $first_name = readline("ENTER FIRST NAME:");
           if ($first_name == $contacts)
                echo $contacts. " " .$surname."\n";

will appreciate any feedback.

Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays)

The PHP readline function to read console input and is something in my opinion shouldn’t be something a person new to PHP should learn.

Heck, I never heard of readline before I did some investigating myself and my IDE even suggested I add some components to composer.json file as it gave me some minor warnings for security reasons.

Here is what the readline function does:

//get 3 commands from user
for ($i=0; $i < 3; $i++) {
    $line = readline("Enter a Command: ");

//dump history
echo "<pre>" . print_r(readline_list_history(), 1) . "</pre>";

//dump variables
echo "<pre>". print_r(readline_info(), 1) . "</pre>";

I would advise to find an easier PHP learning course.

Happy holidays,

Thank you for advise. it is much appreciated and i have learnt something from the code that will help me in my development.

Kind regards

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