using loops

Hi this might be really simple but I missing it, what i want to do is for example: from MySQL results is to for a user to click on an item for sale to go to that page with the full description details, can anyone please help?

You should consider rewriting the question, as it is not it is unclear what you’re asking.

Please also post some code to show where you’re at / what you’ve tried :slight_smile:

I can’t copy code as using my mobile, ok so what I want to do is, say your looking to buy a house, you see one you like on the results page, so you click the picture or house name to goto the page with all the details for that house. Hope that helps?

say you’ve got something like this:
[php]$houses = $db->query(‘SELECT * FROM house’);[/php]

Then you could do something like this
[php]$houses = $db->query(‘SELECT * FROM house’);

foreach ($houses as $house) {
echo ‘’ . $house[‘title’] . ‘

Wow can’t believe it was that simple thanks alot

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