using field data for another field in the same table


Hi All!
I have a wierd one for you…

i have an existing datatable that i need to “copy” 1 field to another field within the same table… what would the easiest way be to accomplish this? … i would like to just use an update query if at all possible.

Lets say my table looks like this …

id name asset model
1 NULL h1000 VX10

i want to take the data from the ‘asset’ field and copy it to the name field

result would be
id name asset model
1 h1000 h1000 VX10


It will be along the lines of…
(Add conditions as/if needed)

UPDATE table SET name = (SELECT asset FROM table)


yea, i tried that and get the following error,

Using :UPDATE `assets` SET name = (SELECT asset_tag FROM `assets`) WHERE name IS NULL
Errors as:

Error: 1093: You can't specify target table 'assets' for update in FROM clause


If all you are doing is setting the name column to the asset column, where the name column is null, all you need is -

UPDATE assets SET name = asset WHERE name IS NULL

If you are trying to do something else, you need to post a better example.


Important info on this subject.

MariaDB starting with 10.3.2 From MariaDB 10.3.2, UPDATE statements may have the same source and target.


Ty both, that helped alot.