using cURL with google checkout php samle code


I am attempting to integrate google checkout with the
sample php code provided by Google ( … mple-code/). When attempting to send a message
to google checkout I get this error:

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function: curl_init() in /
on line 234

I am on a cobalt raq 550
php 5.0.3
phpinfo() says apache version is: “Apache/1.3.20 Sun Cobalt (Unix)
mod_jk PHP/5.0.3 mod_ssl/2.8.4 OpenSSL/0.9.6 FrontPage/

My phpinfo() page shows “–with-curl=shared” in the configure command
but does not mention it anywhere else.

I can run curl from the command line (although ssl connections don’t
seem to work…I believe that is a separate issue). I do get an
appropriate reponse from GC after sending the message to the
non-ssl page (they send back the appropriate response).

Any ideas why I am getting the undefined function error and
suggestions to resolve it?

Thanks in advance for the help!



PHP 5.0.0 requires a libcurl version 7.10.5 or greater.

Which version of CURL do you have installed?