Using Apache, weird, probably obvious problem

I just started messing around with PHP and Apache. I have been editing the index file in the second virtual host because I can’t view other files from that folder…
The weird thing is that when I access the second virtual host index page directly from the folder it says “Site with PHP and mySQL”
when I access it from a link in the LocalHost folder, it shows a whole different site with a table. However, both of these sites occasionally show the code that I’ve added. Sometimes one has an error and one won’t show anything. Sometimes obvious bits of code, like "echo"ing something, doesn’t show up (in that case, no PHP shows up at all). Why could this be? I am probably missing something, as I had a lot of trouble installing the right versions of everything and configuring stuff. I am just trying to learn and be able to preview stuff, not upload anything to the net.

Thanks in advance.

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