Using a MySQL Database with PHP


How can I create fields and tables with php? Also, how can I retrieve specific information based on a certain field? i.e., I need to find Bob Smith in the database, and there is a first name and last name field.


I’m reading a book on that stuff right now. You can build a database and tables, there are simple scripts that do that in the book I’m using. Also, you can do queries in MYSql to locate records, and there are links on this site that can show you how to do those,too. I was able to manage it in a short time, and I have very little experience.

the book I’m starting with is SAMS teach yourself MYSQL, PHP, and Apache in 24 hours. Probably not the most definitive book, but I have to start somewhere, and this book is easy to read and understandable, with a CD and examples you can build and learn from.

Like I was told here, take advantage of the available resources, read and try things out. I intend on pestering people here only when I get stuck, or need ideas, butI’m trying to build this knowledge on my own so I really do learn it, instead of relying on other people to fix things for me.

Check the main page here for links, articles and references.


Check out these 3 websites…

For database basics including design:

For basic SQL:

For more advanced SQL:

If you nothing about databases you should definately start with geekgirls… knowing how to create and design a good database as well as the terminology involved is invaluable.