user suggest help

hello this is my first post here :smiley:

i`m trying to check on user suggets but it doesnt work

if i try this directly it will show 403
i think that /it_usersuggest is a folder and it has mod_rewrite conditions on or something

how can i get to the actual file it_usersugget
please help … thanks in advance

How did you come across this site? Is this your site? When you see urls like the one you provided that doesn’t have the page type listed (.php, .asp, .aspx, .html, etc) that is a folder and not a file. The url is pointing to a default page for that directory. The information after the ‘?’ is information that gets passed through to the page to use. Here is an example so you can understand:

If I have a directory called scripts and in that directory I have the script index.php, index.php is the server’s default script and if you access the directory without a page in the url, you will go straight to the default script. So I can call and it’ll automatically point to the index.php. Now in your case the site is pointing to the default script and sending information to it. ( is the same as saying

Now if the website isn’t allowing people to access that directory, then it’s not meant to be accessed and there is no way to view the page. Also, the script might be in a secure area requiring authentication and you need to have proper authentication to view it. Either way, unless this is your site, we cannot assist you in your problem. Please contact that site’s administrator for help.

ok thanks alot :smiley:

ok then how about this :
$SMTP = fsockopen(“”, 25);

$InputBuffer = fgets($SMTP, 1024);

fputs($SMTP, “HELO hello\r\n”);
fputs($SMTP, “MAIL From: [email protected]\r\n”);
fputs($SMTP,“RCPT TO: [email protected]\r\n”);
$InputBuffer = fgets($SMTP, 1024);

echo $InputBuffer;

how do i get the server/smtp response to show if the email is valid or not?
550 RCPT TO:[email protected] User unknown

250 RCPT TO:[email protected] OK

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