User Profiles and Signatures


It’s unfortunate that our User base is being infiltrated by people whose only goal is to use this site as an advertising medium for their own websites.

To that end, I have, sadly, decided that users whose Post count is in the NEOPHYTE POSTERS range (Less than 10 posts) are subject to having their signatures altered as well as their website removed from their profiles. so that we don’t become the haven for those “Single Post” users.

Additionally, those “Single Posts” will also now come under scrutiny and may also be removed. Thus leaving users with a post count of ZERO. Referring to an earlier announcement, those users who are inactive with a post count of zero will be subsequently deleted after a period of inactivity.

Well for most users… NOTHING with the exception that until you move out of Neophyte Poster Status you may have your signature and profile altered.

I hope this will reduce the Spammers and bring back those who really wish to help others with true PHP Problems.

Thanks for your understanding.