User editable gallery code or plugin?


We’ve used Idut Gallery for ages now, but it seems to be no longer supported and piling up more and more issues as it goes along unchanged, to the point where it’s almost unusable now.
Are there any other ‘plugin’ gallerys or code where the user can log in and upload and delete his own images without the use of a designer each time? Something that will fit into a standard HTML/CSS website?
Please avoid any suggestions relating to blogs/WordPress etc.


Plugin for what library? A plug-in is code that is inserted into a library such as Wordpress that gives you extra
functionality. Do you mean that you just want a simple gallery display coded in PHP? If so, there are literally
thousands of them online.

If you want to build your own system and custom design it for your own use so you will not need external help
to maintain it, here is a tutorial on how to handle most all of the parts you need to use:

If you want a gallery library to install and use, there are so many and each has it’s own values or perhaps pros
and cons. Here are a couple I found in 30 seconds of surfing…

If you wish to purchase a pre-built system, you should look at the sites that sell them. There are many out there. Here are two to get you started…
(on this last one, hover over then to view larger and then select them to see a live demo of it.)

Hope this helps…


To qualify a bit more, I am a web designer. What is required is as it says in topic title - a user (client) editable gallery, where the user can log in and upload/delete images. Not just plain gallery code, I can create that myself.


I would think it would be easy enough for you to handle it if you are a web designer. Uploading code is simple.
Deleting is just a little more tricky as you need to make sure they have the authority to delete an image, meaning
that they should only be allowed to delete their own images. Do you already have the login system working?
If so, the user has an ID number in the database. You can create a folder named either their ID number or their
username. Then, store all of their images inside that folder. When their display is handled, only draw the files from
their folder. If you want help with this further, then explain what you need help with… These days, all web
designers need to know much more than just HTML and CSS. Do you know PHP and Javascript and JQuery?
These are what are commonly used in image galleries to slide the images around in a nice looking manner.

Not sure if all this helps, so explain how you want it to work and we can help!


I’m not sure I can explain any clearer, Idut Gallery was an open source/free downloadable gallery ‘plugin’ that allowed the owner of a website to upload/delete images in his/her website gallery - very similar to Nivo Slider being free code for slideshows and Lightbox for a standard pop-up gallery.
I am posting to see if anyone knows of anything more up-to-date with similar functionality.


Well, I showed you a list of a few and one of the posts were a top-10 of what you are talking about…


Much as I appreciate all responses, aren’t these just gallery templates for coders rather than (effectively) a user CMS?


Well, no, yes, maybe… A lot of them have CMS, in other words, a content-management-system built into them.
Gallery libraries are normally a group of routines that can be used as needed to show images in various ways
and usually contain all of the back-end routines to monitor changes, control uploads, allow deletions and most
of what non-programmers call “CMS”. True CMS systems, like Wordpress, are also available for free and they
have templates or plug-ins for various image galleries, some for free some paid. You can find HTML5 code that
is on the net for free to set up galleries, but, they have less control on the back-end.

So, your answer is no and yes…


Here is an example of a HTML5 gallery that uses JQuery, HTML, CSS to display images. It does not have a CMS.

But, the code is so simple that it is easy to get up and running quickly. You would have to create a simple page
for the users to upload their images. Then, monitor it yourself by reviewing the uploaded files or create a simple
viewer with options in place to delete, etc…


Thanks, but as I said, I am looking for a stand-alone (ie a web coder isn’t needed once it’s installed and up and running) thing that does what Idut does. Idut allowed the user to log on - like a blog - and control his own gallery with a simple user interface.


I haven’t used gallery apps like that in forever (I did put up a few Gallery2 installs a few years back). The reason I think it’s hard to find any is that I doubt there’s much market for them. People usually have some sort of website/forum/something which already has authentication/users, this spawned lots of wordpress/drupal/joomla/vbulletin/ipb/etc gallery plugins that are still quite a bit used.

Sorry I couldn’t suggest anything, I tried searching on github/packagist etc but these gallery apps seem to have been abandoned +/- a couple of years ago.

I would consider just putting up some CMS and add a gallery plugin, at least the code would be (more) up to date.

If you have a developer at hand you could get something custom made. Using a web framework like Symfony or Laravel you can plug in a user and a gallery module with some bootstrap theme in a few hours.


Thanks for the reply; yes this is as I suspected - ideally, I want to avoid the WordPress route & stick to HTML, (not every client is willing to pay for the additional time in adapting a template or negotiating the WP inherent issues and plugins suddenly becoming dead!).

I’ve used before, which is pretty good all round - as long as you code out any problems that might arise in advance, but it wouldn’t resize images to function as a gallery plug.


Well, I am confused… I found a bunch of these and posted some, although you needed to read a lot of them
to find which ones had a back-end on them and allowed users. Here is another I found. There are ten, but, the
first one is a gallery, it has a admin page and allows you to give out accounts to users or friends or family.

Maybe it will work for you?