URLs not being called in SELECT statement

Help! I am having a problem with the PHP Select/Case statement.
Background. I am trying to create a series of web pages in PHP and HTML to allow users to calculate how much space they require for storage purposes of their household furniture.
I have created a series of web pages in a test environment at http://www.ychdb.co.uk.
The first page ( see http://www.ychdb.co.uk/select_room_type.php ) presents a form to allow you to select a room type using radio buttons. When the SUBMIT button is selected you go to http://www.ychdb.co.uk/go_to_room.php which has a PHP SELECT statement. This is a series of CASE statements which I want to result in the user being transferred to different web-pages. I am trying to use HTML anchor tags and URLs to direct the user to their selected web-page. I can see that the correct value is being POSTed from the original form and that it is being interpreted correctly. However the user is not directed to the new web page. Everything else is working fine.
What am I doing wrong ( or perhaps is there a better way? ) Here is the code that is failing.


<title>Go To Room</title>
Room Selector <?php // The next line shows me what the FORM data is for testing purposes echo '
' . print_r($_POST,true) . '
'; $newline = "
"; echo $newline; import_request_variables('p', 'p_'); echo $p_group1.$newline;

//set switch value
$switch_value= “$p_group1”;

switch ($switch_value)
case “R1”:
echo ‘Go to Room 1
case “R2”:
echo ‘Go to Room 2
case “R3”:
echo ‘Go to room 3’;
echo ‘Go to any other room’;
// break;


Are you saying that the links don’t work when you click on them? I can see the spaces between the href, = and the value “http://yourpage/blabla”. That’s the only thing I’m seeing right now that might be wrong.

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