URL Modify | TItle Modify

Hello Everyone,

My Name is Deepak and I am a php learner and these days I am dealing with a project / theme which I downloaded from the Internet and trying to ad some more features and modifications. Just for the practice.

what I am trying to do is the modification in URL and Title of the theme. I got little bit success but I am not able to do it the way I want it. Theme has more than one country support. when I click on some country. (Main site URL : http:// localhost/AD)

 the actual URL looks Like : http://localhost/AD/home/en/ag

But I want to modify it like : http://localhost/AD/home/en/fullCountryName/otherParams
Same I want to do for the Title (without ’ / '). I want to include country name dynamically in Title as well. Any suggestion will be great help for me. Thanks

Theme reference is here : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ct-XDS_y8zLjMAlf1kMSqw3yPQzWnPV0/view

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