Url crawl and redirect if true


A random set of 10 links should be taken and that link or url must be crawled for tags and if tags are matched with the tags i want,then it should go to that url,if not,search again from the set of 10 links and go to link or url where tags are matched.Is this possible?


Yes, anything is possible in programming… Just how you get there is the issue…

So, first, where are you getting these links from? Do you mean something like Google?
Or, do you already have the links stored somewhere?

Next, have you tried any code so far? Do you have a sample for us to look at?

Searching a page for tags is a very easy task. You can just use a function. First, you just capture the page into a string and use the in-string function from PHP. Can you explain why you wish to do this?
We can help…