I updated my computer, but I forgot to backup the xammp files. How can I recover previous XAMPP installation files?


What does ‘updated’ your computer even mean? And why would it effect your XAMP files?

Did you change the HD? Did you format and re-install an OS?

If you did a Windows-Reset, the files for Xampp is still there in the folder marked xampp64 or wherever it was originally. If you did a full reinstall, they are gone! You should ALWAYS do a full backup before you ever think of doing OS updates!

I do format and re-install an OS. It changed compeletly, unfortunatly the files are gone


Why would you expect them to be there then?

You literally admitted to doing a full format and full RE-install?

If they are critical, even after a format they can be recovered, but, you will need decent drive recovery software on another computer and connect the reformatted drive to the computer to recover files.
It’s not a simple process, but can be done.

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