??? Uploading pictures to PHP, then displaying them ???


I am building a website that will (hopefully) allow the admin the ability to upload pictures to the server hopefully in the directory …/Pictures/, which then can be displayed as records on a php page.

Does anyone out there have a good coding example that could do this. Preferably the coding example could source the content, and process it within the one page (like everything else in the website’s add new record page, created with the help of Dreamweaver).

I have done tutorials before on this but none of them have had the result I wanted, for file upload and file display.


Do not worry people, the DB I am working on has a different way for uploading the files, which I will happily share with you all in the next post…


There is a program out there called 4homepages. It is a photo upload software that is free. It is in german, but you can get the english modifiers.

Not sure it will help, but it does allow for multiple users to upload pics for database access.

I’m in the process of learning it now.

You can get translations of webpages if you go to http://babelfish.altavista.com/

and use the “translate a webpage” option.