Uploading HTML formatter to the line editor with jquery


I use this editor and I like it very much
However, in the source area, it combines HTML codes as a single line without spaces.
Editing is not possible by opening the source code

Is it possible to display in source area as HTML Formatter?

  <div id="" class="">

Show in source area as above and Is there an easy and short way to restore from the database the same way?

Thank you

I really don’t know what you’re trying to ask? However, there are plenty of text editors out there that are much better. Sublime comes to mind though I personally don’t use it and there are plenty other good ones out there as well. I personally would not get tied down to an editor that relies on jQuery as that is just a library on top of JavaScript. My opinion you are limiting yourself in that regards, but like I said that is just my opinion.

It looks like below in the HTML Code source code field

However, I want the source code field to look like the following for easy editing.

I made some additions and edits for myself in this editor.
So is it possible to provide this feature to this editor?

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