upload files with email notification and message

I am using “Simplicity oF Upload”
to add a form to my website to allow users to upload files. The upload works fine and I receive an email notification when a file is uploaded. I would like to add a message field to the form to allow users to include a message when they upload a file. The message would then get included in the email I receive. I found instructions to add extra form fields at this link:
I used the instructions to add a message box, but I can’t seem to get the message text to show up in the email notification that I receive.

SFU1_3_2.zip (22.6 KB)

You probably didn’t add a change to the receiving script.
Post up the php page that deals with the form for me to take a look, should be a pretty simple fix by the sounds of it.

Red :wink:

Thanks, you are right, I checked and found the mistake.

no worries, glad you were able to get it sorted :wink:

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