Upgraded and now can't send messages


I’m working with an inherited database and system and don’t know a whole lot about all of this. I’ve been continously having errors for a while and the person who set this up for my company suggested I update the version of phpList I was using. I was on version 2.10.5 and tried to update to the newer 2.10.12. Did everything the readme file told me about upgrading, copied over the config folder and was able to log back in. Hit the upgrade button and seemed to do it’s thing. When I click on the ABOUT on the right hand side it says I’m running 2.10.12.

Here is the problem. When I click SEND A MESSAGE I see the screen that I’m used to pop up with the tabs Content, Format, etc. but below them where there should be options or a text entry box there is nothing.

Did one of the files not get copied over correctly or did I mess something up?

Thanks in advance.

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