Updating Table Rows via a Form


Hi there!

I have a table with data. I’d like a form that prints out each row. Then I’d like to have the ability to change the data in one field per row, click submit…and then have the data in the table refresh itself.

Imagine each row says this:
Mary Smith $25.00 Yes
Chris Brown $35.00 No


I would like the “PAID” field to be an input box (or checkbox or whatever) that I can change. Each day, some payments will arrive so tomorrow I might want to change Chris’s PAID field to “Yes” if his payment arrives.

Therefore, when I click on the SUBMIT BUTTON, I’d like to the PAID field for each row changed to update to the new value.

If you go to this link, it will give you an idea of what I have so far:
My Webpage

Thank you for your time - I really appreciate it!
Andrea :)


i would consider using an intermediate step instead.

For example, on the main page, click on the row and have an alternate page to update that row. Then once updated, send it back to the refering page.

Alternatively you would have to either write code to evaluate the pre-change state and the post-change state and update the rows that actually changed (this could get ugly doing it that way) or you can just do an UPDATE on ALL rows. (This, depending on how many rows you are talking about, could be a waste of time/resources on your systems.).