Updating sessions

Ok, I’m a little stuck.

I’m using sessions to confirm if users are logged into my site. When the user logs in, I start a session. On each page reload, I check to make sure the session has not expired. My initial session expiration is set to 10 minutes. This works fine…

The problem is, after browsing the site for 10 minutes, the session expires and the user is forced to log in again.

How do I update the expiration of the session?

I was initially trying to destroy the current session and start a new one, but I’ve run into problems with this. For example, if the user logs in again, there are errors.

Is there an easy way to change this expiration? I’d rather not just set the session expiration to 0.

How are you setting the expiration time of 10 minutes? Perhaps you can recall that mechanism to reset the expiry?

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