Updating DB, doesn't refresh page...


I am in an edit page where I update an image & text. The image file name is stored in the DB table, as well as the text. The image itself is in the web directory.

If the update is successful, it takes me to the view page where I can view my changes.

The only problem is, i don’t see the updated image unless I refresh my web browser (IE/FF).

Any ideas what I need to do in regards to PHP or perhaps on my client side in order for it to remove cache or refresh automatically?

Thanks all,

You could try working with meta-tags in HTML to prevent the webpage from caching, but I’m not sure if it’s going to help on the images. Is it an option to display the images by a different name, each time the image should be refreshed? That should keep the browser from showing a cached image.

Hi there,
i did put html meta tag, but no luck.
the thing is, sometimes text is not refreshing either. so im not sure if changing the name of the image will help.
any ideas?

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