Update on Import in phpMySql?

I don’t see an update option on the import tab for bulk updates to database tables. When i try import, I think it fails because of duplicate keys. I get an invalid columns error, and it is the same file I just exported. NaviCat allows me to choose update on import. I don’t see a similar option in the phpMySql. I am trying to make it simple for a client without having to use commands.

Are you actually referring to phpMyAdmin?

You would need to post the actual error message to get specific help.

You can select the custom export method to gain access to all the possible choices, such as ignoring duplicates (INSERT IGNORE statements), selecting between an insert, update, or replace query, in the exported file.

Invalid column count in CSV input on line 1.
Is the error message. I have selected Update data when duplicate keys found on import (add ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE)

Take a look at the schema for your database. When I have encountered this problem, it’s usually that I have a column that is designated as “unique” when, in fact, there is a valid reason why that column could contain duplicate data.

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