Update not Updating

My code is working (ie updating the database) on my local site using MAMP however, it is not updating in my remote site.
Can anyone understand why? I have copied my local files up to my remote and have not changed anything. The code runs through the mysql query and display the error message.
Please help urgently.

[php]$size = count($_POST[‘OrderNumber’]);
$i = 0;
while ($i < $size) {
$OrderNumber= $_POST[‘OrderNumber’][$i];
$OrderDate= $_POST[‘OrderDate’][$i];
$RequiredDate= $_POST[‘RequiredDate’][$i];
$fk_TrophyCode= $_POST[‘fk_TrophyCode’][$i];
$Customer= $_POST[‘Customer’][$i];
$PartCode= $_POST[‘PartCode’][$i];
$PartDescription= $_POST[‘PartDescription’][$i];
$PartQty= $_POST[‘PartQty’][$i];
$Freight= $_POST[‘Freight’][$i];
$Supplier= $_POST[‘Supplier’][$i];
$OrderDetailID = $_POST[‘OrderDetailID’][$i];

$query = "UPDATE tbl_OrderDetails SET
OrderNumber = '$OrderNumber',
OrderDate = '$OrderDate',
RequiredDate = '$RequiredDate',
fk_TrophyCode = '$fk_TrophyCode',
Customer = '$Customer',
PartCode = '$PartCode',
PartDescription = '$PartDescription',
PartQty = '$PartQty',
Freight = '$Freight',
Supplier = '$Supplier'

WHERE OrderDetailID = '$OrderDetailID'";

mysql_query($query) or die ("Error in update query: $query");



I got it to work. I added the database name to the database table in the query. Did the trick.

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