update MYsql Database once results return from payment centre

I am working on the final part to a shopping cart, i have the return values coming through from the payment centre. But what i need to do now is pass the relevent information to my database to show the transaction status …then in turn update the stock ( i know how to do this part)

the main variable i need is the $StatusCode ( for the particular payment system “0” means passed )

if this is successful this is

[php]if ($StatusCode == “0”)[/php]

any other values has failed and i just need to display a failed notification

I have a table in my database called Orders with a collumn called fullfilled this i where i want to update the $StatusCode value in to.

I can then make an if statement with the results based on the value of the column “fullfilled”

so i need to know how to update the table based on the results

thanks in advance

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