Update - Change auto increment number from "web text field"

Dear friends, I am new to this and have some problems with ai number.
I want to allow user to update the AI number from the front end (text field - type the new number and press OK) :slight_smile:
I want to execute for example this code:
[php]$result = @mysql_query(“UPDATE " . TABLE . " SET value = value + 1 WHERE key = ‘counter’”)
or print(mysql_error() . “

Thanks in advance,

Maybe its stupid question and function, but i really need solution. Please help me to find out with this.
All i need is form with variable and submit button to execute this [php]UPDATE " . TABLE . " SET value = value + 1 WHERE key = ‘counter’")[/php] or ALTERTABLE I don’t know i am not a developer. I was looking for script 3 days …

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