unset($_SESSION['varname']) work with 4.3.3 but not 4.1.2

the below code does not delete session vars on 4.1.2 but works on 4.3.3. How do I fix this issue?

function closeSale()


	$temp = $_SESSION['current_sale_customer_id'];
	unset( $_SESSION['current_sale_customer_id'], $temp );

	$temp1 = $_SESSION['items_in_sale'];
	unset( $_SESSION['items_in_sale'], $temp1 );

	$temp2 = $_SESSION['current_item_search'];
	unset( $_SESSION['current_item_search'], $temp2 );
	$temp3 = $_SESSION['current_customer_search'];
	unset( $_SESSION['current_customer_search'], $temp3 );


My guess is that your 4.1.2 server has register_globals on, and 4.3.3 has register_globals off.

Since PHP 4.2.0, the default value for the PHP directive register_globals is off. The PHP community encourages all to not rely on this directive but instead use other means, such as the superglobals.

Since there are “defects” in 4.2.3 and earlier, you should probably upgrade the 4.1.2 server to at least 4.3.1

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