unread private messages callout/notification


With the new collapsed menu it’s hard to notice you have unread messages. I really only use the “Show unread posts since last visit.” link so since I dont open the menu I dont see I have new messages ^^


HUH? My display has not changed at all. It appears to still show messages for me…
Hmmmm? Too much holiday Cheer, Jim? LOL Happy 4th!


We don’t really have any holidays over here atm ^^

I usually browse this site on my phone, meaning I get the bootstrap collapsed (burger) menu. Meaning I get the problem described in the OP :slight_smile:


Oh, I see! Sorry no holidays there! LOL, we have toooo many of them!!!

I will have to get a phone at some point in the future… Now I know what you mean… Ha! Talk to Topcoder, he will sort it out for you!


I’ll take a look and see what I can do, I see what you mean.


In your profile -> Goto Personal Messaging --> Check the show popup on new message.

On you mobile device you’ll get a popup alerting that you got a new message.