unlink permission denied


I’m trying to ‘unlink’ some files which I’ve copied to a folder which was dynamically created, however I get a permission denied warning and nothing is deleted… I’m using IIS and have ‘shared’ the relevant directories… so what more could php ask of me? I tried a chmod 0777 just for kicks, as it were, however I do not think that that would apply to non-appache webservers… I have yet to learn the security aspects of php, so perhaps there is a gaping scabrous caliginous void in the heart of my beloved knowledge of things? :-?

and another simple question, are IIS and apache so different as to make code writen for one or the other incompatible with the other or one?

and another simple question! :wink: I’m just another frustrated neophyte… lol :oops:

but TIA :)

update: :D

I’ve managed to solve the problem of being unable to unlink files… I was getting a permission denied warning because I had previously used the directory open function and had not used the directory close function… so it works now, at last…

and as for the differences between IIS sharing and apache chmoding… does not any server configured with IIS have to have sharing enabled for any folders used for the internet by default? If I were to buy a host with IIS installed I woud not have access folder permissions I’d think, so it would have to be configured already to full acess in order that I may be able to write or delete my site… I think I have it figred out, but still I am confused a bit…

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