Unknown Mistake


I have been working on the following code for a php class I am taking. I am having trouble with the following code but can not seem to figure out where I am messing up. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Please post your code here inside the quote or pre-formatted tags so that we can see the code, not an image. We can not copy an image into our editors. Thanks! Once you do that we can help you!

Also, tell us where it is failing. Do you know how to debug code? You stop the process part way thru and test for variables to see what data you are receiving. You can use the DIE() function to stop the script and display a variable. Then, move the die further down and keep testing until you find your errors.

Lastly, you normally put posting code at the top before you display anything. You leave the “read/display” code where it is. Makes things easier to debug. Make some changes and post it normally and we can help you further.

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