universal website crawler using PHP

Hi folks

I want to universal website crawler using PHP, so my crawler will work on any given site.
By using my web application, user will input any site, will provide input, what he needs to get from given site and will click on Start button. Then my web application will begin to get data from source website.
I am using iframe for this purpose , load page in iframe and using jquery I get class and tags name of spacific area from user. But when I load external website like ebay or amazon etc it does not work, as these site are restricted.
Is there any way to resolve this issue, so I can load any site in iFrame. If there is any alternative to what I want to achieve.

I am actually inspired with mozenda, a software developed in .NET, http://www.mozenda.com/video01-overview/. They load a site in browser control and almost doing same thing.
Please help me on this!!

Thank you
my email:[email protected]

We will not help you scrape restricted websites.

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