unable to send mail from PHP


hi folks,
i am new to PHP. and evaluating the basic programms of PHP.
on the way to the initial programming i tested on php prgram which
is for sending mails with out the help of outlook express.
as the result i got this error. assist me to rectify the error

error is

Warning: mail(): “sendmail_from” not set in php.ini or custom “From:” header missing in d:apache groupapachehtdocsexersendmail.php on line 43


You are unfortunately posting in the wrong place… this should be in the beginner or general forum. This forum is for the IRC channel feedback.

(I moved it for you.)

Looks like you have something set up wrong in your mail() headers. Have you looked at the manual? There are good examples in the English online version. We will need more information to help you out more.


I suspect (by the error message and it’s Windows reference to a path), that you do not have sendmail installed (or other MTA). Thus, you are relegated to utilize the SMTP functions (your own ISP’s info) which must be configured in the PHP.INI file (see the [mail function] section.)