Unable to select 2021

For years we were using PHP 5.x but our hosting company made us upgrade to 7.4 which we have

We have an option to do a dropdown on our site to choose date … and the year always allows us to select this year and all previous ones and auto reset.

ie. on dec 31st 2018 we could select 2018 and previous years … on 1st jan 2019 we could then select 2019 and all other previous years

Now we have upgraded to 7.4 … 1st Jan 2021 has come but we can only see 2020 and previous years it does not show 2021

The date on the shared PHP server is correct as I can login to console and check date … it shows 2021

Can anyone help please as I need to start entering things into 2021 !!


You would need to investigate to find at what point the incorrect value is occurring. Is it coming from php or is it coming from something the code is doing with the year value.

For anyone here to help, you would need to post the relevant code that reproduces the problem.

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