Unable to delete file uploaded using php script

I uploaded a file using a php script. The file had a ’ in it ie. file’s. The file was mysteriously renamed to file’s. Now for some reason php won’t delete it. it says there is no file called “file\'s” with 3’s what is wrong?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can’t expect users to leave out commas.

that would be magic quotes set in your php ini file…
if you have admin access to the ini file you can turn it off if you wish


at runtime use addslashes/stripslashes for adding/stripping slashes respectively.

example: [php]$text = ‘i don’t want to’;
echo stripslashes($text); // outputs: i don’t want to[/php]

hope that helps

Works like a charm.

Thanks :smiley:

your welcome, glad to of helped

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