Two Way SSL/ Two way ssl handshaking

I am integrating my platform with one of our client (bank) for lead information sharing. The client requires the two way SSL Handshaking. How can I achieve the same on my platform the details about my website as below

hosting : Shared Hosting Bigrock,

code : php,

Current SSL : Comodo SSL Certificate.

I have
OWN public as well as RSA Private key for ssl certificate
client public key

I have access to my cpanel.

First, welcome to the site!

Well, I found hundreds of examples on the net for this. My first thoughts are, why would a bank use a shared server? I think there might be security issues there. Unless it is their own shared server.

Anyway, here is one example from StackOverflow which usually has sound examples:
Apache 2-way Authentication
It is Apache based, but, should give you the basics of how to do it. If you get stuck, let us know. Remember NOT to show your passwords or RSA keys here!

shared hosting is HIS account info… (not the banks I believe)

I don’t have information about the bank servers,
we are not bank, our website is hosted on shared server.(we are working with bank)
And how to apache confuguration file from cpanel shared hosting.

it will be helpful if you share me some more step by step tutorials.
you can also charge some amount for the same if it resolved my issue.

This is called “Two-Way Handshaking” in general terms. I have not had a reason to program it. But, it appears to be easy enough to do. The first thing is to insure that both servers have SSL set up and working first. There are many many tutorials online for creating two way handshaking. Here is one I found that walks you thru it. Hope it helps! Two-Way-SSL Handshaking

( Found this and other tutorials using Google and words ‘php two way ssl handshaking’ )

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