Two Questions: news, and Include.

first off hiya, i just found this site, which i hope i can become a regular 2 :wink: as im new to front of websites, was hoping someone could direct me to a good program for my need? :slight_smile: :P

ty for help!

Searching for a PHP news script in Google/hotscripts/etc. should give you plenty of options: I’m thinking fusion news, cutenews, newspro, etc.

On the include issue, we’re gonna need more information in order to solve that. Post a bit of code and, if applicable, the exact error message, and what you do to reproduce the problem.

sorry for lack of info, didnt know what was needed, if i missed a post stating what i should have done, i apologize aswell :slight_smile: stupid google…

well, let me post the exact code…

per instructions of the readme.txt of file im sapposed to quote…


in any of the .php files. i was just using this program to see how a “poll” would sit in my theme setup, as some users wanted it added, but when i add this code exactly as suggested to a area in a .php file, it just shows
include(“Fpoll/poll.php”); as in text at the area, instead of the poll.

im very likely just being a noob, and forgetting to add something to the page hehe :)

ty for tips on some news also!


Do you insert that include statement as HTML or PHP? Are you using the PHP brackets around it:

<?php include("your_include"); ?>

Did you save the file as .php, rather than .html (or whatever other extensions are available for HTML files). Remember that the extention of the file should be recognized by the webserver software as parsable by the PHP engine (and that the PHP engine is installed and the webserver software knows it).

yep, i tryed the with tags around it, the page is .php and is reconizable, when i add the php tags, it doesnt show, and nothing works :P

Do you have the page public on the internet? If so, could you show it to us?

In you PHP.INI are you reporting errors AND showing them?

You must report them and show them. If you don’t show them, then you need to check your error logs to see the error messages.

If there is an error, then PHP will not present the page or error messages if those settings aren’t correct.

unfortunatly, i cannot show the site as of current, as i have “shut it down to the public” in agreement with other admins, so we may remodel it, so only admins can access it currently.

and im getting no errors, no bugs, it just doesnt show anything :frowning:

Well, the only thing we can say about it is that the PHP code is not being rendered. This is probably a configuration problem, but could also mean you’re missing a module (or installation).

Did you check this (above) ?

sorry for slow reply guys, went on holidays to my moms, had helluva time re-setting up my computer here, and in-general was busy.

ok! now, can you please explain what im looking for in php.ini? your saying a “error” but im rather new to php unfortunatly :slight_smile:), ill get right on it :)

after further studying, i CANNOT locate the php.ini so that may be the issue plausibly.

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