two pages HTML, and PHP. I want to insert code, but where?

First off, I want to say thank you for whoever reads and answers it for me because I certainly don’t know much about what i’m doing. Anyway, lets get to my problems.

I am a CSS/HTML girl, who has limited if any experience in PHP. But I’ve been asked to help someone who had a page built by a different designer and they used PHP to create a very nice CMS. Their set up is pretty organized, but a couple of things are throwing me off and they all have to do with PHP.

The files are set up with one HTML page and a PHP page. Now I am interested in two things at this point. If i wanted to insert code into the site like the google analytics bit of code that will monitor the traffic of the web pages, what file would I insert it into? The PHP pages or the HTML pages? Its very confusing for me, so any insight would be wonderful.

The second thing I would love to know, he wants me to create a who new page. I want to say it would be fine to make a duplicate of one page (both the .HTML & .PHP) and edit the correlating .HTML pages so that they all have a new link to .HTML page , but I want to make sure that is how it should be done before I go hacking blindly at it.

Thank you for your time, I hope one of you can help me with this because I’m lost.

Hello :slight_smile:

From what you have explained, i’d hazard a guess and say the php file is pulling the info from the database and placing it into the html file for display.

Without seeing any code, it’s difficult to say where to ‘add’ things in.

If your worried about breaking anything, why not duplicate both pages and use the duplicates to try things and if it works, great. if not you always have the original to fall back on…

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