Tutorial requests - Have a suggestion for a tutorial?


Perhaps a Topic in this category for tutorial requests?

I think that would be a nice idea :smiley:

[Edit] I changed the title and stickied your post ~ Miles


What tuts do you want to see?

Somone deleted about 20 tuts I posted on this forum, you can view them:


I will be writing new ones soon, first priority is finishing the new cms version and uploading it to the site.

You can request tuts on my site or here :-)


Acecool, Thanks :smiley:

I’ll explain…

*member table in the database.
*hyperlink displays username once logged in.
*click the link, takes you to user profile.

I’m unsure of exactly how to use the url with php. I have some ideas in my head at the moment and I’ll be trying a few things out in the next day or so.

Will post whether i figured it out then (work tomorrow :( )



if ($_GET[‘id’] == “1”) {
// code to redirect
// do something else
you dont need the else if you dont want it.

is that what you mean?


Yes I think it is :slight_smile:

Thx Ace:)


I actually have the question to this in the beginners forum. I ended up working out a solution.

Many thanks to lig and Acecool for $_GETting my brain cells working in the right direction ;)

Displaying query results using hyperlink


How about a tut about creating custome sign on/ profile pages. Yknow, username, password, email and whatever else stuff you want added to a page


This should get your rolling.


How about a tutorial on how to display contents of a MySQL table? :slight_smile:


Could we get a tutorial on how to create a very basic CMS , when I watch them on Youtube they confuse me with all the code,and also what all the code means so we can edit it to fit what we want.


I would like to request a procedural tutorial as to how in PHP you would:

[ul][li]Properly Sanitize variables to insert into a MySQL database.[/li]
[li]Formulate MySQL Queries in different situations (i.e. (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE)[/li]
[li]Secure Connection Scripts for MySQL.[/li][/ul]


Please make a register that actually works. Mine for some reason doesn’t work.


What do you mean by register?


I would like to learn more about using cookies. The main thing I would like to accomplish is a most popular search section on our site.



Photo upload tutorial would be good please! :slight_smile:


Are you just wanting to upload to a folder or store the path in a database? I ask this because I’ve been looking for a tutorial on uploading an image to a folder and storing its path in MySQL for weeks and wasn’t able to find a tutorial that actually explained it in a manner that it was understandable or worked for that matter but was able to figure it out on my own. But that was storing the path in MySQL.
If you just want to upload images to a folder I can give you code for that and you will see how simple that is.


What about using Javascript/jQuery for dynamically updating an HTML page with an image from a (SQLite) database?


Many of these have been covered here. If you can not find them in the search function, post them as a
separate post and someone here will respond with how it is solved. For instance, the last post from hafhdrn
was covered under various posts here. Just use the search area above and to the right and enter something
like " load with ajax " and you will find many posts that discuss how to update a DIV or other area from an
external file that can query the DB.

Many previous posts discussed photo uploading and some other items mentioned in this post. I suggest to
check the archives here first… Or just open a new post for each and the experienced programmers here will


Thank you ErnieAlex. :slight_smile:

You previously noted W3Schools and I checked through and found this:

So, before posting a request for help I will use this tutorial.


Yes, hafhdrn, There are a lot of great tutorials on w3Schools and here too!

To search for them on w3Schools, I use Google and just put their name in first. Like for ajax tutorials,
I would go to Google and type in w3schools tutorial ajax or something like that… They have a ton of
knowledge and of course, you can always ask us here…

Once you get stuck, post your code and we will help!