[Turck MMCache] Can not create shared memory area...


I know next to nothing about PHP, I’ve just installed Apache and PHP script interpreter etc.

I have a very simple PHP program from a textbook which works, however when I open it, nothing happens.

And if I go and open php.exe I get the above error (see title)

I saved the program as .php and it’s set to open in Internet Explorer.

The php version is:

PHP 4.3.6 is quite old and Turck MMCache is no longer supported by the original developper (it was never part of PHP core). I recommend upgrading PHP and disabling mmturck. Op-code cache engines are not useful in development environment anyway.

There are quite a few supported op-code caches available. eAccelerator is a fork of MM Turck. APC is officially supported by PHP, but is still in development.

Thanks a lot for you’re help. Nobody else seemed to know anything about it. I had found the eAccelerator site, but wasn’t sure if that was the solution.

thanks again.

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