trying to nail it. i love it but it's rough sometimes

Hello, my name is Slade Powers. i really need help. i live in santa barbara, ca and i have just developed a site. i took a class at the local community college but it wasn’t comprehensive by way of teaching the required php script to have the forms interactive. so what i have is
on the index/home page there is a button link on the left side for registration, underneath the faux gallery. that link leads to the registration page.
my situation is i can’t get the data from the form to the database where i can work the data. the url to the page is

the hosting service said they were unable to assist me because dreamweaver is a 3rd party app. they have been real $h!++y about the issue because i do not want to use their generic bland ugly form.

i’ve read php for dummies and i’m still a dummy. i need a hand. thanks

Well, first you will need to create a database, and database table. Fields in that table should reflect structure of your registration form. Then, on form submission, in your php script you will need to establish a connection with this database (using login/password), and select database. Once submitted data is validated, you can execute sql query to insert new record to your database table, and then redirect to a success screen. That’s all.

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