Trying to manipulate a string


Hi all,

I have a string which looks like the following

“Date”:“Tuesday, June 18, 2019”,“Notes”:"» None",“Detail”:" \n » Members Required: …etc

It’s part of a JSON which I am trying to manipulate so this happens multiple times within the file.

I am ideally looking for something PHP that says: Everytime I see “Detail”:" ditch the 4 characters after it, rinse and repeat for the rest of the file.

I’m basically trying to get rid of the \n new line but there are other lines I need to keep in the rest of the file so I can’t really do a str_replace for all \n.

I thought of a str_replace i.e.:

str_replace(’“Detail”:" \n »’,’“Detail”:" »’,$content);

but i can’t get that to work at all.

Any help would be appreciated.



As your task shows, string operations are mostly a false approach on structured data, so i would recommend to use the ‘RecursiveArrayIterator’ or implement plain array recursion by yourself.


Hi Chorn,

Sorry, I have no clue what that is and from quickly watching some youtube on it I ain’t getting very far with it either.

I understand it isn’t pretty but it’s nothing critical. Have I just mis structured my str_replace function that I thought should work or will it not work for some reason unknown to me?



You already pointed out your main problem

string operations are insufficient because they don’t respect the context - you need a parser.


eh, without more information, I’d use trim()